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201310 - October Celebration

Last night was a blast and a great night to celebrate with, beyond my expectation.

It was just full of laughter and catching up with past and present colleagues.

My heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone who participated and made this night a memorable one (for me and Ronnie).

I was so touched and I want to share, my only wish is to celebrate this October month with the most special people in my heart ( my husband together with my kids Coco and Isabelle) but circumstances didn't permit.
Nonetheless , God has reserved a great night for me together with October babies Leah and Dash.

I was overwhelmed of how the Lord surprised me and surround me with friends that played special role in my life.

To Leah thank you for for helping to book this hotel room.
To Jo-anne and Kevin for helping us with the food prep.
To the Game Masters Therese and Alexandry who are well-prepared ;-) .
For my hubby who never get tired of supporting me in preparation.
To our fellow colleagues who shared their time, effort and made this night a remarkable one, its not about the gift 
(Hermes, LOL!) but the thought that you made us feel special .


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