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20150212 : Thanksgiving | Baby shower with colleagues

A night full of laughter and love from these few colleagues who has been with us in our journey as our family grow bigger in number. :-)

We want to share our happiness and gratitude of how the Lord has blessed our family from surrounding us with our prayer group, supportive co-workmates, loving and understanding kids, unconditional love of our family and in-laws, and the unwrapped gift Baby Thirdy.

How can we not be excited of what the Lord has in store for us. God's overwhelming love is beyond compare if we Let Go and Let God. His grace and mercy is sufficient enough to bring Joy and Peace in our heart.

We are grateful that we've been given a chance to celebrate life and love. In addition, this would not be a success without the 101% availability and support of my dear husband, Bong.

Location : Lloyd's Inn

Handsewn toys favor: Lapommehome

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