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It's been 4 years

Who would have thought.. It''s been more than 5 years  since I've known  a cheerful  woman back in Manila. I'd been praying for that moment to come in my life to meet someone that i will share my life with.

We've met at Victory Pioneer in one of the morning service, she was introduced to me by a common friend..... and it all started from that day....

Now, we are married for four years and we are blessed with two young and active kids... and counting :-).

I'm so thankful to  God for giving me a beautiful , loving and understanding wife.

Though we are not with them they still celebrate with us.. the soon to be kuya and ate for  Thirdy..

I took the chance to have her maternity shoot at 24 weeks. Obviously, from what she was  holding we are having a baby boy.
Photo taken at Fullerton Bay Hotel

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