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The arrival of Thirdy

Last 15th of March, we started a new season for our family. Thirdy arrived almost 3 weeks before the EDD. It was a smooth, a bit bearable painful contractions. We're ready by 7am to head on to the hospital.

Despite of Thirdy's excitement to meet us, he's a bit anxious of what the world is and prefer to stay inside mum's tummy, because of the delay mum decided to undergo C-section because at that point the pain is no longer bearable.

It was a successful surgery and we are grateful to the Lord that despite of the complication everything was under in God's control.

We named him Joshua from the Hebrew name meaning Jesus is my salvation. The moment he cried, Jesus saved him and gave him a life, to bring joy in the family. May he grow up and live by God's purpose, to lead people closer to God just like the life of Joshua in the bible.

Here are the glimpse of Joshua's 1st Adventure.

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