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20160130 - Isabelle @ 3

Happy 3rd birthday Belle... your daddy and i was just reminiscing when we knew we're having a second baby.. He is so happy and kept on declaring it will be a baby girl. When we found out on the detailed scan he is more excited to know, on the 7th month prior to my maternity leave daddy just asked the OB if there's a chance that the gender will change.

We just laugh in the clinic how funny he is. Up to now everything still fresh, what a joy to be your mom and I am just grateful to know how independent and responsible daughter as young as you are.

At times I felt I failed on being a mom but you and kuya  never let me down. You kept saying thank you and i love you and nanay said you kept praying for me and daddy to have work, to buy milk.

But you know what, I am more thankful  for being so understanding and patiently counting the days to play with your parents again. i love you belle.


It's a tradition in their school whoever celebrates  a birthday to bring any food for the classmates to share...

Finally, mommy took a short vacation to be with the kids.. #buhayofw.

Celebration of belle's birthday with our friends at Villa de Mercedes Club House.

Sacrificed some of my time offs just to push thru to be with the kids on this special day. As they said time is gold, so are the kids are precious than gold.

I thank the Lord who sustain me with the strength that I need to prepare everything and with the resources provided just in time. #grace

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