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20161010 - Tres Uno Happenings

Spend my day with the people who are dear to my heart, my friends since primary days / kumares.

We couldn't stop reminiscing our childhood years and what we have become up to now. 

A lot has change indeed, though we had different walks of life, lived miles apart , it all boils down to one thing that friends will always be friends no matter what.

Second Day was Aiza's birthday and Jesil's send off to New Zealand. 

I didn't mention that she chose to transit in Singapore to be with us on our birthday. 

Effort greatly appreciated.

Till next time.. 

Second episode was #friendshipgoals intimate Brunch with the girls.

My ex- colleagues and college classmate ( beside me on the left). 

I couldn't count the times I felt special with these girls and they never fail to include my hubby and kids. 

To note " The key to a strong friendship is to stay FOCUS"  

Life indeed has full of blessings.

I don't deserve any of these good things on earth but because of His great love for me He freely gave me a good life to enjoy with. A life with abundance surrounded by His grace. 

Cheers to another year ahead. #blessedandloved 

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