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2017 - March Vacation

Being an OFW parents, we make sure to maximize our time when we go back to Philippines.. Our kids are growing so fast away from us and we missed some precious moments of their daily  activities, but still we are grateful to the Lord to be entrusted to parent these three  kids.

And here are some of the highlights from our Summer vacay.

Roadtrip : Our destination is #bemwa farm, around two hours drive from davao, the kids are looking forward for a strawberry picking activity.

The kids always love to soak in water, and with that it's a must to visit #VillaDeMercedes for the kids to enjoy the pool.

The next day.. Around 3 hours drive from Davao we visited their grand parents in Compostela Province.. 

Back to South Cotabato : Dinner with the  Peralta's, aside from being my wife's relative they are also my teacher back in my High School days. 

Reality check : the hardest part when we need to go back for work.. we thank God for the grace and the ability of these kids to understand why we need to work. and as a parent we are constantly praying that in the right time we can be together for good..

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