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My First Seoul-o Trip

I can vividly remember  when i got my first job and I dreamed of traveling to other country one day. But then fast forward the tide was changed as the Lord had planned something greater for me.  Everything  turned 180° when I met the  right one and became my husband. Shortly after I was pregnant and by now we had 3 kids. What else could I ask for, I am living in content and my heart is full. But the fact of having that bucketlist still lingers in my mind quite often than not. 

It took me a decade,  not to convince  him ( Ronnie )  about traveling but its just one fine night over a cup of coffee.  When i just utter, How nice is it to try to travel solo ? And in response from him?? You should try it. Did I hear it correctly? He would've known how ecstatic i was hearing it from him . 🤩🤩  There's nothing sweeter than a cup of bitter coffee for a coffeeholic like us  but honestly it was the  sweetest gesture before my eyes how unselfish and supportive he is that he would trust me in this matter. Hhhmmm 7 years of being together and I have never known he can surprise me more  with something like  this.   

Enough of that story as I unveil my Seoul-o experience. 

I stayed in a convenient location in Central Chungmuro just one stop subway to Myeongdong. Fortunately when I arrived in Chungmuro, that's when i found out that we've been to this area on our last day from our recent winter vacay. I felt at home and I'm glad i found familiar spots that helps me  lessen my fear about being alone in unfamiliar place. 

It took me sometime to find the  hotel and navigating the google maps. It was confusing that there's a number of street corner turning into an alley. 

Day 1Tour. 

Upon settling down, I went down  for a walk around the neighborhood to search for a local diner. 

I came across Gimgane for some beefy thing ( I forgot the exact name of my meal ). Actually it's a japanese meal. 

I also tried a kimchi noodle that was served extremely hot , i mean its boiling lol , good enough for the cold weather. 

Day 2 . 

Since 2nd day was the main thing why Im in Seoul. I cleared this day for my Korean Buttercream Workshop. 

Of course a cup of coffee to start this long day. 

Headed to Balsan Station where my mentor's training location was. 

Definitely ended my night strolling in Myeongdong to grab a bite along the busy streets. 

Here's just the photo that I got because of the hype and crowd traffic. But believe me  the street  was Lit and eye popping that I can hardly take a click because I was just savoring the moment. 

Im in the middle of my K business shopping too. 🤩🤩

That's all for now and stay tuned for the next days of my stay in So Kor. 

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