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Seoul Vacation : Part 1

Yieeebahh... Finally got the time to share our Seoul experience with 3 kids in tow.

While some are busy preparing for the Noche Buena on the otherhand we are off the road heading to Davao a day before our 8 am flight last December 25 ,2017.

Two kids are not on the best shape prior to our vacay. Blame it on the bug or whatever that is. Thirdy had a terrible sore on and in the mouth and i've never encountered something like this through my 6 yrs journey of motherhood. It was just a plain pimple size and on the next day boomm!!! he can't eat for 2-3days and was having a fever. I was worried that i only had a week to treat that bacteria. To cut the story short, Coco was infected 2days prior to the flight and I was already on hype and literally I sobbed why these incident happen after a year of planning for this trip.

Thank God for godly in laws and intimate prayers to ease the worries and tiredness. I was really tested at this point of time, imagine you were praying to be more patient and understanding and you got 2 kids who don't want to eat or even smile despite the fact of trying to be funny and all sorts of persuasion.

So here it is !!! please excuse the pics with some bloody lips and salute to Coco and Thirdy for fighting the bug and making the best out of the terrible situation.

Day 1. Departed from Davao Int'l Airport heading to Manila. Lay over for almost 7 hours prior to our Manila - Incheon flight. I bet you were all curious how to keep this kids busy and I felt like 7 hours was like 7 days with Thirdy doing potty business twice. 

Safely landed and deplaned. We can barely smile as the kids were just forced to wake up. 

Passed through the immigration and waited for our luggages. 

Time check it's already 11pm. 

One of our luggage was lost in which all of our heattechs and winter coats was there. I just managed to prepare the lightweight coats needed upon arrival in Seoul.  #thestruggleisreal #Godisincontrol

12mn and we're still in the airport as Bong needed to claim our portable wifi and me still digesting what was really happening. 

We arrived after an hour plus plus at the hotel located at Gangnam district. 

Slept soundly I think, that the kids still managed to smile or maybe they don't even care that we lost our luggage while the parents are trying to compose theirselves.  ;-)

And so Day 2 must go on ( lol 😝 ) even the huwaaattt?? Seoul Metro Station and the -8 ºC outside didn't bother us anyway and off to COEX mall we go.  

Had dinner and winter clothes shopping agad-agad to save our ass from the frostbite. 

Day 3. Itinerary was tailored to meet halfway.. 😁   I should say to the mom's content and I was just blessed that they never fail me.. So here it is knowing more about the Joseon dynasty,   visited the Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeongbukgong Palace. 

The hanoks are the traditional houses back at Joseon dynasty. Today, some of the hanoks operate as cultural centers, tea houses, guesthouses providing visitors the opportunity to experience the  Korean culture. 

And the architecture of the Gyeongbukgong Palace is ❤️ ❤️ . 

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